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Businesses can now effortlessly collect genuine customer reviews on a daily basis. What sets us apart is our ability to filter out negative reviews, allowing senior staff members to handle them directly. This ensures that only positive reviews are posted online, enhancing the reputation of your business and showcasing the best aspects of your products or services.

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Review Management Made Easy

targeted Review System for every Business

Our system is so simple, it can be incorporated anywhere.

Review Button On Website

Add a "Leave a Review" button to your websites menu to easily generate more reviews.

Dedicated QR Code

Our dedicated QR code takes phone users directly to your form without filling in the web address.

Custom Tailored Form

Your form will include your company logo and colours along with any other changes you need.

Business Cards

Adding the QR code to your business cards adds another way for people to leave you a review.

Marketing Materials

Adding your QR code to all your marketing material will maximise reach and the number of reviews you will receive.


Adding the QR code to your receipts for customers to leave a review will ensure any negative reviews don't slip past our system.

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We make the review process as simple as possible to give you maximum opportunity to gather reviews.

£25 per month


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions

Our review management service can be used in pretty much all industries that need reviews to build trust.

If a prospective customer was researching companies for home improvements and they see Business 1 has a bunch of 1 star reviews, Business 2 has over 10 positive reviews in the last year. The customer will naturally choose Business 2. Don’t let a 1 star review ruin your reputation.

A business with multiple positive reviews will have a much easier time of converting prospective customers as the reviews inherently make you appear more trustworthy.

Our prices are kept affordable by making the form as simple as possible and require no upkeep. Once the form is created, thats it, we hand over the link to it and the QR code and you are good to go.

A Real Estate Agency

Challenge The Estate Agency profoundly understands and values the immense importance of positive reviews in today’s highly competitive real estate

Mortgage Company

Challenge Their highly dedicated team is committed to continuously enhancing the overall experience for individuals by offering an extensive range

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