How to disable reviews on Google Maps on my business listing?

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Business owners might wish to disable reviews on Google Maps on their local business listing for various reasons. To begin with, anyone selling goods or services online knows that displaying reviews is not bad. In fact, they are one of the most important tools that one can utilise to grow his or her business.

However, reviews can be abused to cause a lot of negativity. Many customers view reviews as a credible source of information. If people leave too many negative reviews, they can quickly bring down your business reputation as well as your revenues. To prevent this, it is crucial that you manage all the reviews that your business receives online.

As a result, many people find themselves in a position where they are wondering if they can disable reviews on Google maps on the business listing. The simple answer is that this is not possible. Currently, Google does not allow users to exercise review manipulation or management. This, however, does not mean that you cannot do something to stay on top of things such as; by deleting a google review.

But, our system enables users to access and manage reviews for only £25 a month. By using our system, one is able to monitor the reviews that customers post on his or her business listing. If the review in question is negative, it goes to a designated manager who decides what to do with the review.

Our system allows each client to have their own landing page that has the businesses review pages set up there. Our systems also allow its users to send clients direct links via QR that can be used to review products or services. 

5 Star Review Responses Online

Here are some of the additional benefits of using our review management system:

A good reputation leads to more trust

When a business has many positive online reviews, customers tend to trust it more. People have more confidence while transacting with a company that has more online reviews that are positive. The many positive online reviews will also boost the client’s confidence since they expect to receive good services at your business. The more people buy from your company, the more they trust your services.

When clients trust a particular business establishment, they are likely to transact with the establishment more often. As such, ensuring you have many positive reviews will boost your reputation and, ultimately, your business numbers. Customers are also likely to share your business with their family and friends, further spreading your good name. This will grow your revenues because more customers will visit your stores.

Companies attract and retain highly competent employees

Companies that have a great online reputation are more likely to attract and retain talented employees. Just like customers, potential employees are interested in business reputation. If the reputation is excellent, the employees feel motivated, tend to work harder and are more productive.

On the other hand, if your firm has a poor reputation, good employees are likely to shy away from working there. Good employees choose companies that are likely to treat them fairly. As such, you must also monitor your past employees’ reviews and comments. It is crucial to follow the reviews of past employees since some disgruntled employees may post a negative review after leaving your firm.

A bad review creates a bad reputation

A bad review has adverse implications for businesses. Business owners should do everything to prevent a bad reputation because it creates a negative vibe that is not easy to get rid of. A negative reputation can cost your business millions in lost revenue and PR costs.

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