What is the benefit of Google Maps reviews?

This is what Google Maps looks like as a clip art on a phone.

Google Maps

Google maps allow many people to communicate, navigate and travel to different places all on one app or on a single tab on different search engines. It has been updated and refined many times and it allows you to to view nearby shops, hotels and even business within the area you are searching with the relevant search term. This is what Google Maps looks like as a clip art on a phone.

So if you were to type in Printing shops, it would come up with nearby printing shops or businesses nearby. For people using on a day to day basis, it is very useful.

How effective are the reviews in Google Maps?

Google Maps reviews are significantly effective as it gives businesses a huge profitability boost without having to spend any money. Google maps reviews also play a huge part in this as new reviews help the reputation of your business and increase return on investment (ROI for short).

In other words, having good reviews and responding to them makes people reassured that you’re a good business and would be willing to go, whether on a business trip or going there to make a purchase. Google Map reviews are proven to gain customer trust.

Customer Trust

Google Maps not only makes informed decisions on what route to take but it also helps build trust and credibility. It is said that 91% of people tend to read online reviews and 84% of them decide to go to the place which has positive reviews. Local businesses with positive reviews rank higher and 70% of them say because of this, it brings in potential customers.

SEO Benefits

Not only do these businesses rank higher on Google Maps, but they also rank higher on search engine results as well. Google has an algorithm that aggregates searches as well as reviews. The best reviews would appear at the top of the search whereas the businesses with the most negative reviews would not appear. This is quite similar to how Google provides a personal recommendation.

Businesses which appear on a local search would typically have the most click-through rates which essentially means that they are the ones who would be getting the most traffic. Another big reason as to why Google Map reviews are effective.

So how do you improve your Google Maps ranking results?This image shows a typical layout of reviews people could leave from a 1 star to a 5 star

This all now comes down to you, and make sure you are logged in to your Google Account and if you don’t have one then I would recommend you to create one. After doing this, you would need to register yourself as the business owner and either create a listing for your business to be found with its profile and a picture of the image.

If there is already an image of your business that you prefer then all you need to do next is add as much data as you can about your business/company. Then all that is required is to ask your regular or new customers next time they come in or phone to leave a review. Your business online should reflect the customer experience people have with you.

If you already have testimonials with you from previous clients, why not send an informal email to ask how they are and how your service is benefiting them. While you’re at it, you could ask them to leave a review on your Google Map profile by sending them a link straight to it.

How can we help you with this process

As you can tell by our name we’re all about reviews, and we have been asked many times by our clients to come and fix their negative reviews. We have the first-hand experience in this and so we are always willing to help you with any reviews that appear on Google, Google Maps or any other website on the World Wide Web.

We can create a system tailored just for you to embed your social accounts into one integrated platform where after a client has visited your store or spoke to you over the phone to ask them for a review. This can be done through QR codes, links or through a unique landing page created just for you matching your company logo and colours. Your SEO would be benefitted from this site as well.

Want to make the negatives change to positives? Get in touch with us by clicking this link and let us get on with the rest.