Don’t let negative reviews ruin your business, take control of your reviews in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

You start by presenting the customer with your unique QR code either on business cards, leaflets, posters or even keychains.

Step 2

Your customers will scan the QR (or visit the shortened URL) which will take them to your unique landing page, complete with your company logo and colours.

Step 3

From there, the customer will be presented with a form asking if their review is positive or negative. If they click the Negative button then a form will appear for them to fill out. Once they press submit on the form, the information will be sent to yours or a designated persons email for them to get in touch and rectify the problem (it will not go online).  If they click Positive, they will be asked to leave a review on a review website out of a possible 3 of your choice.