How it works

QR Code Placement

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ReviewNinja works by having you present your customers with a QR code or shortened URL. This can be placed anywhere, such as your website, leaflets or business cards. 

This allows a convenient and easy way for customers to leave beneficial feedback for your business without causing them a hassle.

Your customers can scan the QR code or click the URL depending on whether their interaction is online or in person.

Leave a Review Button
Step 2

Scan Barcode Or Click Link

Scan It

After scanning or clicking the link, a unique landing page made for you (including your company logo and colours) will appear. From there, the customer will be presented with a simple form asking if their review is positive or negative.

Using such a simple and direct form allows a straightforward experience that encourages feedback.

Leave a Review Within 30 Seconds

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ReviewNinja then directs your customer to a final location, based on if their review was positive or negative:

  • If the review was negative, a short form would be presented requesting contact information and a brief explanation of their experience. This information is then forwarded to member of your team to get in contact with the customer and rectify the problem discreetly, therefore allowing a person-to-person exchange which builds trust and also prevents a negative review from going online.
  • If the review is positive, they will be directed to pick from a list of 3 review websites (chosen by you) to leave a review on.

This builds a system where positive reviews are encouraged and negative reviews are intercepted and resolved before a customer goes to a review website.

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