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Manage Your Online Reviews With ReviewNinja

In this age of Social Media and Online opinions, forums, reviews and ratings; how do you ensure your business doesn’t suffer from one negative online posts?

We’ve all done it ourselves – Googled our next meal out venue, or business before we use them; and we know that we’re all less likely to use a company if they have visible negative reviews online. But when there’s so much information going online, how do we control what’s put on there about our own businesses?

Firstly, it’s important you see Online reviews as a positive for your business. Over 90% of us do a Google search before we choose where to place an order, and we’re more likely to order from somewhere with multiple good reviews. So it’s important that your company has multiple, positive, Online reviews.

But how do you make it easy for your customers to leave you those reviews, and encourage them to do so in such a way that they’re motivated to actually follow through and leave you that review? And then, what about the chance of that negative review that could ruin your Online presence forever?

It seems to be the chance of that negative review that puts people off taking advantage of people’s Online searching habits. Google and Online reviews offer you a massive chance to get ahead of the competition, and to get some free publicity for your company and yet all too often companies can view Online reviews in a negative manner.

That’s where we come in. At ReviewNinja we’ve designed the perfect system to offer you the opportunity to capture and manage all reviews so that you can be certain you’re not going to suffer from a damaged reputation Online.

With Ninja-like precision, our system will capture all the negatives and send them directly to you (or the inbox of your choice) for you to handle in person and to stop that negative before it gets out of control. The Ninja’s built into our Review forms then permit your customer to post only positives Online, and before you know it your company is flying up the rankings and reaching more potential customers than ever before!

If you’d like to see it in action, go to our Demo and follow the instructions on screen. You can call us for a chat, or fill in the contact form on our website, and one of our Senior Ninja’s will be delighted to contact you to discuss the system in more detail. So don’t lose out, let ReviewNinja help you gain ground on your competitors…without them even realising it! The perfect Review Management Service.

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