Top 6 Product Review Sites

With the Internet constantly growing and people becoming more and more interconnected it is much faster for information to travel and be seen by everyone. This is much the same when it comes to product reviews as there are now plenty of websites dedicated to collecting reviews and ratings for companies and establishments. We have decided to list what we believe to be the top 6 product review sites in no specific order or bias. 


Amazon is the largest e-commerce site in the world and is also the first to enable users to submit product reviews which was way back in 1995. This has had a hugely positive impact on e-commerce as a whole because it gave the community a chance to voice their praises and concerns. Also, more people have been able to make informed decisions and thus more people will have been happy with their purchases or have been able to avoid something if it wasn’t for them. Amazon offers a multitude of products and services so it is the best place to go for a wide variety of different products and reviews that come with them. Amazon reviews consist of a description, meaning that detail can be left, with a five star rating scale which represents the average customer opinion about a certain product.


Trustpilot is rapidly on the incline and is a community-driven consumer review platform. They are based in Denmark but have expanded into New York, Denver, London, Cilnius, Berlin and Melbourne, and helping companies all over the world to collect customer reviews. Trustpilot allows reviews on the seller or business as well as the products they are selling which is a good way to show whether a seller is reputable or not and can save a lot of hassle. There is both a basic version of the platform and a paid version. Trustpilot basic lets users create a profile page and collect customer reviews whereas the paid version allows users to create customisable review invitations, share reviews & ratings on social media and link review data to their internal business systems.


CNET is a huge product review platform that is mainly focused on technology in all forms and ranges. From TVs to laptops there is nothing that isn’t to do with tech with this review site. CNET is a good platform for those tech savvies who love to keep up to date with the newest gadgets and who want to review whether a product is worth their time and money. CNET tests the products they collect themselves and on top of this they search far and wide though all online articles, reviews, blogs etc. to ensure that their reviews are based on sound logic and is honest. 


This user-generated platform is not specifically tailored to collecting reviews and displaying them but many people use it to do just this. Quora is more of a question and answer service like WikiAnswers, but the product reviews found on there are usually of good quality and are detailed. Quora’s viewership is ever growing so it is one of the better places to spread product reviews that people will actually see and be able to use. Also, membership is free which is a big plus. The only condition is that you must meet their quality content standards and respect the guidelines they have set in place. Spamming is also looked down on, so ensure that all product reviews you place on here are well-written and relevant otherwise you could face being banned. When sticking to the guidelines, content writing on Quora can generate a good amount of stable and free traffic to your website and products. 


This independent consumer review organisation, much like CNET,  tests and reviews products themselves. The same people who do the testing also write the reviews so you can be sure that the reviews are authentic and relevant. It may be difficult to get your products onto the Which? review list as they choose products to review themselves meaning you may have less influence on what ends up on their website. Which? has product reviews on a wide range of appliances like washing machines, tablets, cars and much more. 


This one may not have been exactly what you had in mind but nevertheless this platform has accrued a range of content creators who dedicate their time and channel to reviewing products and items. This is great because in video form people can see the item working and performing tasks with their own eyes. Also, if there are any problems with the product they will be recorded and available for all to see further validating the integrity of the testing. YouTube reviews are as close as you can get to actually testing a product yourself so some could consider this the most effective way to review and research products.

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