Why Should I Bother With Online Reviews?

I Don’t Get Any Business From My Website - Why Should I Bother With Online Reviews?

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I think this is one of our favourite FAQs – and it is a frequently asked question. It’s one of our favourites because, rather than showing that actually some people don’t need online reviews – it actually shows and proves the exact opposite of that!

If you’re getting no business coming through your website or online searches, there are two things that need an immediate fix.

  1. Your website needs optimising (SEO – search engine optimisation) for Google, to ensure it’s showing up in all relevant searches and to ensure you are actually showing in Google searches for your main search terms / services. As an aside here, we’ll quickly mention that the other half of our business, DigitalOx Ltd , are local SEO specialists and so we are well placed to know exactly what’s needed in an SEO fix!
  2. Your online review presence is lacking or non-existent if it’s not tempting potential customers to use you after they’ve conducted an online search. The obvious fix for that is at ReviewNinja of course…

Bluntly, if no-one’s coming through to your business from online searches it means you either can’t be found at all or they’ve found you and don’t like what they see. Both of these problems are fixable, but as a business owner you must first recognise that these are problems and that they do need fixing.

Over half of all business purchasing decisions in the UK start with an online search to look at reviews and star ratings. If you have neither online, or if your reviews are poor and your star rating is low, you will not be the company that the consumer chooses to use. So you’re missing out on up to an additional 100% from the business you’re currently getting, and surely no business can afford to continue forever with that as a strategy?

The easiest and most cost effective piece of business expansion you’ll ever do is to look at how you’re seen online, and then to talk with a company that can assist you to fix what’s broken or create you an online presence where none currently exists.

In terms of value for money, the pay-off and returns could be astronomical: after all, you’re currently getting no business from online sources so surely the opportunity to gain some of that local business that you’re missing out on can’t be something you can afford to pass up on.

It’s easier to get an online presence and positive online reviews than you think. Talk to us today, and we’ll show you the way – you’ll be amazed at how simple it is, and we’re positive you’ll be leaving us a positive review about the results!

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